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Stitched #2 Coming In December

Check out covers & info from the next issue of Stitched: PRODUCT DESCRIPTION : Garth Ennis continues the epic story begun in his film, Stitched! Deep behind enemy lines in war-torn Afghanistan, the surviving crew members of a downed American Blackhawk helicopter faced certain death until the arrival of the three British SAS soldiers who…

Stitched #1 Preview


The first issue of Stitched the comic book hit stores last month and this mystery has just gotten started. In stores everywhere now, and if you haven’t seen it, check this out: Open publication – Free publishing – More garth ennis

Stitched Comic Book Series Set To Begin In November


Garth Ennis and Mike Wolfer unleash the biggest horror series of the year! From the mind of Garth Ennis comes the modern chapter of an ancient horror. Ripped straight from the debut of his first-ever writing/directing effort comes the ongoing comic book continuation of the acclaimed short film, Stitched! The three survivors of an American…

Diamond Comic Distributors’ Vince Brusio Interviews Garth Ennis And The Cast Of Stitched


Vince Brusio of Diamond Comic Distributors was on hand at the San Diego Comic Con to interview Garth Ennis and some of the cast of Stitched for Here’s what they had to say: